AHPA Partners with R2Sports

It is with great excitement that the AHPA would like to announce our new exclusive partnership with R2 Sports Tournaments. R2 Sports is now the Official Member Management and Event Software of the AHPA! This software is going to provide us with the infrastructure necessary to move our sport to the next level. With features such as live table side scoring capabilities, a mobile app for following your favorite players and also for issuing and accepting challenges, and much much more.

Our partnership with R2 Sports is going to completely reshape air hockey as we know it. One feature we will be taking advantage of immediately will be the use of challenge ladders to manage state and even city or location level rankings.  We are going to begin the testing phases of this soon so anyone interested in being involved in this phase please contact me at chris.lee@theahpa.com.  State level rankings will be managed by the AHPA but if you would like to start your own challenge ladder in your city, favorite bar, college, etc., please reach out.  This software will allow you to download their app, join a local challenge ladder, and challenge other members of that ladder.    It will also allow you to enter the results of those challenges directly in the app and immediately update your rank once the match is completed.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me .

Chris Lee

Co-Founder, CEO

Air Hockey Players Association